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London MCM Comiccon 2018

Written by on 21 June 2018

Article By: Mahin Kesore
Comiccon, every time it comes around is the break everyone needs. Its the time for people to book off, from their nine to five jobs and indulge themselves in a world of fantasy and feel more like themselves, that they have ever been. Or quiet the opposite and lose themselves and become whole different person.

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Recap of The eSports Industry Awards 2017

Written by on 25 November 2017

On the 13th of November the eSports Industry Awards happened. People came from far and wide to celebrate the competitive Video Games Scene; Whether that be, CS:GO, League of Legends or even the vlogging and live streaming community. On this prestigious

and glamorous night, it was interesting to see people you wouldn’t normally see in suits and bow-ties, in actual suits and bow-ties. It made for a nice change of scenery for gamers, streamers and industry a-like.

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A Look at EGX 2017

Written by on 16 October 2017

On Friday the 22nd, Fragradio attended its first ever EGX. And we were not disappointed. This event is easily the up to the same standards as the much larger Gaming events that take place in the UK. Though EGX definitely centres more on video games and merchandise; whereas other events focus more on media personalities, Q&A panels and other activities.. Both types of events are great but personally I find EGX to be one of the more enjoyable as I prefer to look at and play video games as well as talk to the people responsible for making them.

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New Website

Written by on 1 October 2017

Welcome to every community member, listener or new visitors of this site. We have just launched our new website which will feature a ton of new systems, please be aware that many of the things you view are still under development and of course as always we appreciate any feeedback via Social Media.


What does this mean to you, as a regular listener?

Basically, we have improved on every edge. The new website offers way better mobile compatibility,

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Insomnia 61

Written by on 1 October 2017

Yet again, FragRadio arrived at the NEC for another of Multiplay’s famous events, Insomnia 61. The Insomnia Gaming Festival events are the UK’s biggest gaming events to date with tens of thousands of gamers, of all calibre, from all around the UK come together for this legendary event. Attendees enjoy meet and greets, indie games, tournaments, retro games and much more. The festival is hard to not hear about these days with increasing popularity every year due to the backing of big brands and YouTubers alike.

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