On Friday the 22nd, Fragradio attended its first ever EGX. And we were not disappointed. This event is easily the up to the same standards as the much larger Gaming events that take place in the UK. Though EGX definitely centres more on video games and merchandise; whereas other events focus more on media personalities, Q&A panels and other activities.. Both types of events are great but personally I find EGX to be one of the more enjoyable as I prefer to look at and play video games as well as talk to the people responsible for making them.


Running from the 21st to 24th of September, the event takes up two halls of the NEC, in Birmingham and regularly has about 75,000 attendees. The event floor always flows well and does not get congested despite a high density of stalls.


Attendees of EGX have the option of watching panels, visiting stalls that sell Video game and Pop-Culture merchandise, playing games, and more. These are welcome additions that flesh out the halls nicely, and give attendees more things to enjoy.


Cosplayers are also welcome. The Cosplay stage runs through the entire event, with workshops and discussions from some of the most incredible cosplayers. This and much more awaits anyone who wants to give it shot.


EGX presents a huge range of video games; from platformers to First Person Shooters to narratively driven exploration games. It also includes huge AAA Titles such as Call of Duty and Destiny 2 as well as hundreds of indie and smaller scale games. Having such a range is what makes this event stand out from other events in the UK, it is really fantastic to see so many different games, with different budgets, different scopes and ideas, all on the same floor, ready to be enjoyed by the public.


While we didn’t get to play many games, we did manage to catch up PayLoad Studios and the Tentacle Collective, who we’ve work with in the past. The games they had on display are still top quality and people presenting them are still wonderful, lovely people.


This leads me onto another great part of EGX. The Developers. One game that particularly stood out to me was ‘The Occupation’ Who brought their entire Dev. Team of nine to show off their game,  this meant you could ask specific people questions and get a good answer. It means you can talk to the people responsible for the subject area you are interested in.

A lot of games brought their dev. Teams along, and it really stands out when they do. Developers are always thrilled when you want to know more about their games and hearing them speak with such passion and joy really shines a light on the amount of love that developers have for their projects.

Overall I think that, from an attendee perspective, EGX is absolutely fantastic. If you’re into games, games development or really any aspect of Gaming or game media, EGX is an you should definitely check out.

Thanks for reading, if you want you should check out the coverage from the event on our social media at facebook.com/FragFM